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About the Rocketpilot and his Ship

This is the personal and somewhat professional website of Nick Caldwell, a Brisbane-based writer, researcher, and web developer.

I’m currently the Web Interface Designer for Griffith University, where I make things more usable by layering drop-shadow upon drop-shadow upon every available (virtual) surface.

In a former life, I was a founding member of the editorial collective and original designer of M/C: a Journal of Media and Culture. The past really is another country.


I upload photos to Flickr. I dump links and see how the other half live at Delicious and Tumblr. I display my crap taste in music on Last.FM. I even tweet fairly frequently at Twitter, but I’ve got that one locked down and I only really use it for friends. I know, I know, that makes me totally out of step with all the l33t media strategists. Sod them. Update: oh, all right. I’ve set up a public account as ABillionSuns. I’ll use that for webby stuff and announcements and so forth.